Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 3

Palestinian Prisoners under Administrative Detention Boycott Israeli Courts

M.Y | DOP -

Days of Palestine – Ramallah

Palestinian Administrative prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons continue their boycott of the occupation courts for the 20th consecutive day to demand an end to the policy of administrative detention under the slogan “Freedom is our Resolution.”

In a statement, the Prisoner Club called on all institutions to prepare to implement large-scale support to give this step its true value and importance, as everyone must engage in the battle to break the administrative detention law.

On January 1, the Administrative Prisoners Committee in Prisons announced the start of protest steps and a boycott of military courts at all levels (first, appeal, and supreme), in a binding and general step that was previously coordinated with institutions working in the field of prisoners.

About 500 administrative detainees are held in the occupation’s prisons, including three minors, and the captive, Shurooq Al-Badan.
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The administrative detainee is deprived of his freedom, and he is held inside the prisons of the occupation without being brought to trial, and without disclosing the charges against him, and neither he nor his lawyer is allowed to inspect the evidence materials.