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Wednesday, March 29

Activists to Launch Flotilla to End Israeli Blockade of Gaza

Activists to Launch Flotilla to End Israeli Blockade of Gaza
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European activists, civil society and human rights organizations are getting ready to launch a newFreedom Flotilla to the Gaza Strip in order to break the Israeli blockade that has been in place for 17 years. This was reported by Zaher Birawi, president of the International Committee for Breaking the Siege on Gaza and a founding member of the Freedom Flotilla.

Birawi informed that the process of getting the flotilla ready to sail by summer has already begun. He mentioned that the committee is attempting to join forces to apply political and public pressure on Western and Arab nations. Furthermore, he noted the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad, which has announced that ending the Israeli blockade is their key priority.

Birawi also stated that there is evidence to suggest that, in conjunction with various solidarity organizations in the West, it’s possible to have a substantial influence.

The International Freedom Flotilla Coalition held gatherings in November to talk about a proposal to revive their endeavours to breach the blockade of Gaza in 2021.

In May 2010, the Mavi Marmaraled flotilla was taken over in international waters by Israeli commandos; nine individuals on board were fatally injured in the incident and a tenth died from their injuries.

An Israeli organization charged that the flotilla‘s coordinators were getting ready to assault “Israel” and urged the occupation authorities to impede the ships from getting to Gaza. The boats were diverted to a port in the occupied state and the individuals on board were expelled after their personal possessions were removed by the Israeli occupation.

Since 2006, The Israeli occupation has placed a crippling blockade on the Gaza Strip, leading to the deterioration of healthcare, education, social and economic services, as well as essential infrastructure.