Days of Palestine

Friday, March 31

Activists Demand Blinken to Review US Relation with Israeli occupation

Activists in America Call Blinken to Review USA's Relationship with Israeli Occupation
M.S | DOP -

Palestinians and human rights activists in America continue to sign an electronic petition calling on US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to review his country’s relationship with the Israeli occupation and to remind them that normalization with it does not serve the Palestinian cause.

The activists demanded that the US administration cease its support for the Israeli occupation to pressure its government to comply with international law and stop its violations of Palestinian human rights.

They stressed that strengthening USA relationship with the Israeli occupation will enable it to continue its illegal settlement project. As well, this will lead to the killing of more Palestinians by the Israeli occupation forces and their expulsion from their own homes.

The activists pointed out the importance of the US administration stopping the normalization efforts launched by the previous administration headed by Trump. These efforts prevent accountability for the Israeli occupation of Palestine and increase global support for this apartheid entity.