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Wednesday, March 29

83 Palestinians Killed in Earthquake in Turkey, Syria

Earthquake in Turkey
M.S | DOP -

The number of Palestinian victims as a result of the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria rose to 83, after the death of a woman and her daughter in the Turkish city of Antakya.

The Palestinian ambassador to Turkey, Faed Mustafa, reported Saturday, February 11, the death of Faten Ghazi Hussein Sawalha, 48, and her daughter, 21, in Antakya.

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates had announced the death of a family and another citizen in Antakya, Hoda Sweid, Haitham Swid, and Mohammad Swid, in addition to Amer Dakhlallah, all of whom lived in the Daraa refugee camp in Syria, before they moved to Turkey.

Last night, the Ministry announced the death of Aisha Bakir, Abdullah Bakir, and Abdel Moin Bakir in the city of Antakya. They were Palestinian refugees in Syria, and moved from Daraa camp to live in Turkey.

It suggested that the number of Palestinian casualties would increase due to the incomplete information available regarding the safety of all Palestinian families in the affected areas in Turkey and Syria.

The number of Palestinian victims in Turkey reached 32, in addition to 51 Palestinian refugees in Syria.

The death toll from the devastating earthquake that hit Syria and Turkey last Monday has risen to more than 23,000, while the search for survivors continues in an extreme cold weather.

As a result of the earthquake, 20,213 people died in Turkey, and 3,553 others died in Syria, bringing the total number of deaths to 23,766.