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5 Gaza Patients Died In 2022 Due to Israeli siege

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Five Palestinian patients including three children from Gaza died so far in 2022 after the Israeli occupation banned or delayed their permits to leave the besieged enclave to access medical treatment. 

The last victim of Israel’s delay was the 32-year-old cancer patient, Mohammed Al-Ledawi, who died on 6 September 2022, after being denied eight medical appointments at the occupied West Bank hospitals, leading to the deterioration of his health as he suffered from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. 

In this connection, 4  Palestinians lost their lives due to the Israeli suffocating blockade imposed on Gaza Strip in 2007. The youngest was Fatima Al-Masri, a 19-month-old with a hole in her heart, waited five months for Israeli occupation authorities to issue a permit allowing her to travel for treatment.

 Farouk Abu Naga, a 6-year-old child, died recently as a result of the delay in granting him a permit to cross to ‘Hadassah Ein Kerem’ Hospital in occupied Jerusalem to receive treatment.

The 14-year-old Palestinian child Luay Mohammed al-Tawweel who diagnosed with brain cancer and died because of Israel’s delay in granting a permit to his mother to accompany him on his treatment. 

The cancer patient, Jihad Musa Humaidan al-Qidra, 55-year-old, died due to Israel’s delay in granting him a permit to pass through the Erez crossing, to receive treatment at ‘Patient’s Friends Society Hospital’ in Nablus. 

Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights denounced the Israeli occupation policy of collective punishment, saying,” Israel’s denials or delays of permits are not based on any valid reasons, but rather are part of the collective punishment and apartheid regime to which it subjects more than two million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip,”

Israeli occupation authorities imposed on Palestinian patients from Gaza discriminatory movement restrictions and an arbitrary permit system that obstructs their access to hospitals outside the Strip.

Gaza Strip has been under a stringent Israeli blockade since 2007 as the Israeli occupation does not even allow the entry of essential medical equipment to Gaza or allow patients to travel to the occupied West Bank, 1948 occupied Palestinian lands, or abroad for treatment willingly.