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Thursday, June 8

3 Palestinian Prisoners Enter 20th Year in Israeli Prisons

M.Y | DOP -

Three Palestinian prisoners with high sentences enter on Saturday, July 16, their 20th year in the Israeli prisons.
45-year-old Iyad Mahlous, a father of four children, was sentenced to life imprisonment in addition to 20 years.

45-year-old Iyad Mahlous, a father of 4 kids, was sentenced to life imprisonment plus 20 years in prison. He was a policeman.

Meanwhile, Ali Da’na, 44, was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Da’na is one out of at least 600 Palestinian sick prisoners held under horrific circumstances in Israeli prisons.

Basim Jaber, another sick prisoner, serves a 25-year sentence. He is a father of a girl. Jaber suffers kidney health problems.

Mahlous, Da’na, and Jabir were arrested on July 16, 2003. 4700 Palestinians are currently held inside the Israeli prisons, including 28 women and 170 children. Meanwhile, around 640 Palestinians are held under administrative detention in Israeli prisons without charge or trial.