Days of Palestine

1000s of Palestinian Prisoners Protest against Israeli Restrictions

M.Y | DOP -

Thousands of Palestinian detainees started on Monday, August 22, open protest steps, demanding the Israeli occupation authorities to ease their suffocating restrictions against them.

Earlier today, Palestinian prisoners refused to have any meals offered by Israeli Prison Services. They might start a hunger strike in the coming days.

Palestinian Prisoners Club pointed out that these steps came come as a result of the Israeli occupation’s procrastination in responding to the prisoners’ demands to improve their prison life.

In addition, the Club called on people to support the prisoners in their collective steps that come as part of their ongoing battle against the Israeli jailer.

Meanwhile, Israeli occupation forces IOF on Monday morning stormed Hadarim prison and attacked the Palestinian prisoners, searching their rooms.

Palestinian Prisoners Office reported that the Israeli forces broke into sections one and three of the Israeli Hadarim prison and searched the prisoners’ contents.