Days of Palestine

Tuesday, March 21

Young Palestinian Girl Succumbs to Wounds Sustained During Israeli airstrike in Gaza


local sources announced the death of a girl, who succumbed to injuries she sustained a few days ago during the Israeli occupation’s aggression on the Gaza Strip.

The sources said that the girl, Lian Al-Shaer, 11 years old, was martyred in Al-Makassed Hospital in the occupied city of Jerusalem, where she was taken for treatment after she was severely injured during an attack by the Israeli occupation aircraft.

The girl, Lian, arrived in a difficult health condition at the hospital due to the Israeli bombing, and activists on social media circulated a video clip of the girl inside the hospital, while she was unconscious.

The girl was targeted as she was enjoying a walk on the beach with her family on the beach in Gaza. She was in her head and although the medical team initially succeded in reviving her back to life, she was brain dead until she lost her life today morning on Thursday, August 11th

The Isreali occupation army committed several massacres against women and children during the recent aggression on Gaza. With a death toll of 45 people in the short-lived yet intense three-day-long aggression over the strip that killed a total of 17 children so far and injured tens more among which some with critical and deadly injuries.

This brings us back to a similar scene in last year’s aggression over Gaza, which took place in May of last year leaving over 65 children dead with no real accountability or sanctions extended to the brutal child-killing occupation that seems to walk away scots free after ruthlessly killing children and destroying houses and infrastructures in mids of utter global impunity.