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World Cannot Ignore this Relentless Slaughter and Brutal Treatment of Palestinian Children, British MP Tweets

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British member parliament Andy McDonald has expressed on Saturday, October 9, 2022, outrage at the world’s ignorance of Israeli occupation brutal killing of Palestinian children

In a tweet, Mr. Andy described Israeli occupation as “Barbaric” calling for immediate stop to such rampant aggression against Palestinian children.

“The world cannot ignore this relentless slaughter & brutal treatment of Palestinian children,” The MP wrote on Twitter. “We would be rightly outraged if this happened to our own kids,”.

Mr. Andy continued: “How can it possibly be right for the world to ignore such appalling & repetitive atrocities?”

This came as Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF)  shot dead two Palestinian teenagers on Friday, 17-year-old Mahdi Mohammad Abulmuti Ladadwa and 14-year-old Adel Ibrahim Adel Daud.

Moreover, IOF has been carrying out several brutal military incursions in various regions in the occupied West Bank, killing 4 Palestinian teenagers and wounded 11 others.

Israeli Occupation forces or settlers have shot and killed 25 Palestinian children in the occupied West Bank this year.