Days of Palestine

Why Zionism and Judaism are conflicting concepts: Rabbis explain.


In an interview held yesterday with Rabbu Arron Cohen and Rabbi Feldman we discussed the legitimacy of the pretext, that is too often, used concerning the Israeli settlers storming al-Aqsa claiming that the root cause of this is the Jewish religious importance of the area. i.e. the western wall and temple mount.

Rabbi Arron Cohen and rabbi Feildman hold the belief of Neturei Karta, which is the name given to anti-Zionist Jews who believe that Judaism and Zionism are two differing and rather conflicting concepts.  The former being a religion going back to thousands of years that promotes morals, ethics, and compassion and the latter being a few hundred-year-old secular nationalistic concept admittedly by people of Jewish extraction.

Jews are to live in the divinely decreed exile that doesn’t promote the attempt of creating sovereignty to live. Having this as the wish of the almighty that they ought to not rebel against as he described. According to Judaism, we have no right to set up a nation of our own. We are

The Israeli nation since it started has cost tens of thousands of lives some of which are Jewish. It should be disbanded and should be completely dissolved and should be replaced by a regime that is in accordance with the aspirations of the Palestinian people. In a land in which Palestinians and Jews and any other people could live peacefully as they always have until the emergence of Zionism.

The mere formulation of the Jewish state is a violation of the promises made to the almighty. Making Zionism the antheses to true Jewish belief.

Authentic Jewish people need to have two things. The first being that they are people of Jewish descent due to birth or adoption. The second being that they have to live their lives, according to the Jewish teaching. Anybody, who tries to abandon, the Jewish teaching has lost the right to be called authentic Jews.

In Israel, a very strong minority do observe the Jewish religion, but the majority sadly have abandoned that teaching and therefore lost their right to be considered authentic Jews.

And when they talk about anti-Semitism, it really means anti-Zionism. Anybody who left the Jewish religion after three, or four generations lost their identity and when Zionism came along they claimed a new nationalist identity that of Zionism. They jumped on the bandwagon of trying to represent the Jewish people, which is totally false.

And now they have said, well, now we are the Jews, and anybody who is against us as anti-Semitic, which is in total false.

he explained “Now when someone says that Al-Aqsa is important to Jews do you mean the real Jews or the new Zionist Jews? There was a period in time when the Jewish temple existed. It’s a very, very important part of our history. And it’s very holy and very holy and very important to us, but it’s only important to the extent that we Revere that area and pray in that area but in no way do we have a right to impose ourselves as being the masters of that area.  Because we are in according to over teachings the subjects of divine exile.”

he continued by saying, “We are subject to the wishes of the indigenous population, which is the Palestinians and we cannot impose our will authority on an area, which they do not want us to have authority over.”

“So when you say it’s important to Jews, it’s important as far as our religion is concerned but not to the extent that we can in any way impose ourselves on that area and take it over.”

The problem as he described is that some Jews bolted Zionism into Judaism and made it seem as if it is really a part of the religion which in fact is contradictive to it.

Rabbi Feldman said during the meeting that the actions done by even those who are Jewish-looking are not the acts of Judaism but rather “an embarrassment” and “crimes by international law” and should be treated accordingly.

The holiness of the western wall is taken advantage of to promote this new concept of Zionism that is being falsely framed as Judaism while confusing people in the process. Many people are indoctrinated from a very young age to believe that Zionism is in fact a part of Judaism.

The Holiness of the place is regardless of who owns it and who rules over it. The Jewish people had the freedom to visit the west wall and the temple mount freely before the Zionist movement started its provocation in that time the Rabbi of Palestine Rabbi Solomon wrote to the Palestinians, ” we have no intention to challenge the rights of Muslims to their holy sites or even to demand any rights to those place

And he continues saying ” as far as the Western Wall, the place from which the divine presence, never departed Our only wish is that we are allowed the same privileges as were allowed to our grandparents, the Or out our hearts in prayer respectfully without disturbance.”

This was all the Jewish people wanted. They didn’t want any conflict or rulership over the place.

It was 1967 had a war and, in their words, got this privilege of having the Temple Mount as Jewish. Rabbi Teitelbaum was a very famous Rabbi in originally from Europe who was a Holocaust Survivor, then it was the chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, and then he moved to the United States.

He gave a sermon telling his followers, that Jewish people should no longer visit the Western Wall, despite It is so precious and so important for the Jewish people because credit should never be given to the Zionist movement.

Their so-called achievements, are disasters not only to the Palestinians but also for the Jewish people as well regardless for those Jewish people living in Palestine or outside.

Jewish people’s security is not protected by the state of Israel but rather threatened by it.

The connection between Jews and Palestine does exist but is only bound by certain conditions which haven’t been met and so lead Jews to be demanded to a state of divine decreed exile.