Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 3

“WAFA” Shares Report Covering Incitement and Racism in Israeli Media


The Palestinian News and Information Agency “WAFA” shared a report on Monday, August, 15th where it monitored incitement and racism in the Israeli media dialect for the duration of the period between August 7 and August 13.

In its 268th report, “Wafa” provides documentation of inflammatory and racist discourse in the Israeli visual, written, and audio media, and some pages on social media for political and legal figures in the Israeli community.

In the Israel Hayom newspaper, writer Nadav Hatsani attacked the Palestinian National Authority’s payment of salaries to the families of the martyrs and the wounded, and said that the National Authority pays money “to those whom it raised on terrorism through its schools and curricula .”

The writer says: “During these days, Fatah repeated messages to those murderers, treating them as heroes and role models. The authority did not stop the wages of those who make terrorism.”

In the same newspaper, Ariel Kahane wrote an article in which he dealt with the recent aggression on the Gaza Strip, and the scenarios put forward in Israel to deal with the situation in the Strip.

These days the transitional government has no real discussion about the future of Gaza. Even after the elections, if a new government is not established, the current political leadership will remain and the question will be placed on its doorstep. Prime Minister Lapid and Minister Gantz have demonstrated the ability to work together, and if they are liberated From a commitment to Bennett, they could move things along. Not to mention that Lapid is the only politician in Israel, who drew up a real plan for a settlement in Gaza a year ago. But his ideas were considered disconnected from reality.”

He continues: “After the upcoming elections, whether he achieves a majority in the Knesset or remains in office by force of inertia, Lapid will have an opportunity to advance his vision. The support of the American administration is guaranteed to him from now on, and when we look back a year, it will be possible to see that Lapid’s theory is partially applied from now on.

He added that Lapid’s idea is based on “Israeli and international handing over religious and extremist rule in the Gaza Strip and giving economic incentives to strengthen it, and the other alternative is a military occupation.”

On social media, Israeli Minister Ayelet Shaked tweeted, “Sovereignty in Jerusalem belongs entirely to the Jewish people, and no saboteur will challenge this.”

In another tweet, Shaked said: “In every government that is formed, we will not allow support for the idea of ​​establishing a Palestinian state.”

As for the extremist Knesset member Itamar Ben Gvir, he tweeted, calling for the death penalty to be approved in the upcoming Knesset. He said, “We will work to enact the death penalty law in the next Knesset. One punishment for the saboteur is death.”