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Wednesday, March 22

UN Set to Vote Monday on Demanding Israeli Occupation Stop Settlements: Diplomats

UN Set to Vote Monday on Demanding Israeli Occupation Stop Settlements: Diplomats
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The United Nations Security Council is evaluating a proposed resolution, which Reuters observed on Wednesday, that would require the Israeli occupation toinstantly and fully discontinue all settlement activities in the Palestinian territory under occupation.”

It is expected that the 15member council will cast their ballots on Monday regarding the text, which was composed by the United Arab Emirates in partnership with the Palestinians, as stated by the diplomats.

On Sunday, the new Israeli far-right government of Netanyahu approved nine illegal Jewish settler outposts in the occupied West Bank. Furthermore, they announced the beginning of major construction projects in existing settlements. This news was met with apprehension by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who expressed his profound concern.

In December 2016, the Security Council issued a demand for the Israeli occupation to cease the construction of settlements, passing a resolution after the Obama administration, which had formerly shielded the Israeli occupation from UN activity, decided to abstain from voting.

Requests for comment on the draft resolution were not answered right away by the U.S. mission to the United Nations or Israel‘s UN mission.

This text reinforces the truth that the Israeli founding of settlements in the Palestinian area that has been occupied since 1967, which includes East Jerusalem, is illegal and breaches international law.

All efforts to annex land are strongly condemned, including any decisions or actions made by the Israeli occupation pertaining to settlements.

The majority of nations around the world consider the settlements built by the Israeli occupation on land taken during the 1967 war with Arab countries to be illegal.