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Sunday, February 5

UN: Israeli Occupation Killed 6 Palestinians, Wound 171 in December

Israeli occupation
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A report issued by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OCHA) said that the Israeli occupation forces killed 6 Palestinian citizens, including a child in December only. The report covers the Israeli violations against Palestinians during the period between 6/12/20222 – 19/12/2022.

Below are the most important events of the period covered by the report:

On December 8, Israeli occupation forces killed four Palestinians, including a child, injured two others, and detained three people during search and arrest operations in Jenin.

On 11 December, undercover Israeli forces carried out another search and arrest operation in Jenin refugee camp, detained three Palestinians, and killed a 15-year-old Palestinian girl while standing on the roof of her house, where she was hit with live bullets in the head and chest, and injured 3 others.

This brings the total number of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in search and arrest operations across the West Bank to 75, including 16 children, so far this year.

In all, Israeli forces carried out 144 searches and arrest operations and detained 251 Palestinians, including at least 24 children, during the reporting period.

Israeli forces killed two more Palestinians, including a boy, in two additional incidents in different areas of the West Bank.

On December 7, the occupation forces shot and killed a Palestinian youth near the Israeli settlement of Ofer.

On December 8, they killed a 16-year-old Palestinian boy with live bullets on Road 465 near Aboud village (Ramallah).

During the same incident, Israeli forces wounded three Palestinians with live bullets and detained two of them.

In total, Israeli forces injured 171 Palestinians, including at least 44 children, throughout the West Bank.

126 Palestinians received medical treatment for tear gas inhalation, 12 were injured by rubber-coated metal bullets, 23 by live bullets, four were physically assaulted, two were injured by shrapnel and pepper spray, and four were injured by tear gas canisters.

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Among them, 22 Palestinians were injured during incidents involving Israeli settlers, 101 others during military operations by the occupation forces, including search and arrest operations, while the rest (48 Palestinians) were injured during peaceful demonstrations protesting Israeli settlement expansion and restrictions imposed on Palestinians.

In two incidents, on 9 and 16 December, Israeli forces injured 74 Palestinians, including three with live bullets, during confrontations that erupted near an Israeli military tower at the entrance to the Palestinian Osrin village in Nablus.

Israeli settlers injured six Palestinians, including a child, in six incidents and damaged Palestinian property in 20 incidents, in addition to 22 Palestinians injured by Israeli forces in settler-related incidents.

The Israeli authorities demolished 57 Palestinian-owned structures in East Jerusalem and Area C of the West Bank, including 17 homes, under the pretext of the lack of Israeli-issued building permits, which are almost impossible to obtain.

As a result, 44 Palestinians, including 22 children, were displaced, and the livelihoods of some 2,000 others were affected.

On 18 December, the Israeli authorities deported a Palestinian lawyer who had been in administrative detention without trial since 7 March 2022. The lawyer, a resident of East Jerusalem, was deported to France, of which he holds citizenship, and his permanent residency in Jerusalem status was revoked for “breach of allegiance to the State of Israel.”

During the reporting period, Israeli occupation forces conducted a military exercise for three consecutive days (13-15 December) in Masafer Yatta, south of Hebron. This training, which involved large military vehicles, disrupted the ability of Palestinians to access basic services.

This is the third time that such activity has taken place since the beginning of the year in that area, which is home to more than 1,000 Palestinians, including 560 children. These practices form part of a coercive environment that aims to push Palestinians to leave their homes and may result in their forcible transfer.

In the Gaza Strip, Israeli forces fired at Palestinians on at least 39 incidents near the city’s separation fence or offshore, under the pretext of imposing restrictions on Palestinians’ access to their places of work.

On three occasions, Israeli military bulldozers razed land inside Gaza near the Separation fence, east of Gaza and east of Rafah.