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Tuesday, March 21

UAE Funds Construction of Football Stadium in Israel, Wants to Buy Hapoel Tel-Aviv FC

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Days of Palestine – Ramallah

An Emirati government company has agreed with the occupation Minister of Regional Cooperation, Issawi Freij, to build a new football stadium in the occupied lands of Kafr Qassem in central ‘Israel,’ which will be called “Khalifa”.

According to what was published on the “Ynet” website, Freej obtained the green light to establish the stadium from Emirati officials, which led to the preparation of plans that are expected to come into force in the coming months.

On a related level, the occupation Minister of Regional Cooperation, Frej, revealed yesterday evening that he mediated to conclude a deal to buy the Hapoel Tel Aviv team from the owners of the clubs, which did not come into effect for political reasons, and there is an attempt to seek to end it before the end of the current season.

Freij said that: “The economic issue does not constitute a problem for the Emirati businessman… We need a big investment here, but here there is a political problem that we must know how to solve.”

Freij added: “The financial issue does not constitute a problem or an obstacle. We will try to prepare the ground before the next season. I am almost sure that this will be behind us. The deal is taking place with the owners of Hapoel. The reports have been transferred to the Emiratis and things are fine. I am in cooperation with Yariv Lavigne, who He is a fan of the Hapoel Tel Aviv team, we are trying to sort this out.”