Days of Palestine

Palestinian Community in Belgium Organizes Sit-in Condemning Israeli Aggression Against Palestinians


The Palestinian community in Belgium organized a sit-in, on Wednesday, August 10th, in front of the Belgian Foreign Ministry headquarters in Brussels denouncing the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and Jerusalem.

The sit-in was in the presence of parliamentarians and representatives of political parties of Belgium and organized in coordination and cooperation with Belgian organizations and institutions.

The participants called for the need for European intervention to stop the continuous Israeli attacks on the defenseless Palestinian people, to confront its racist plans and outlaw international law through assassinations, killings, and destruction, and to work to protect the Palestinian people from the insolence of the occupation and its killing of innocent children.

Member of the Palestinian National Council Imad Badawi said, during the sit-in, that the European Union and its member states, including Belgium, should impose sanctions to deter the Israeli occupation for not complying with international law, and that the Belgian government should implement the Belgian Parliamentā€™s decisions related to the immediate recognition of the Palestinian state in response to the ongoing Israeli aggression on Palestinian rights

The protest included raising banners and pictures expressing the Israeli crimes committed against the Palestinian people in general and the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip in particular.