The Carrot and the Stick: Israel Closes Crossing to Gaza workers

Israel said on Saturday, April 23rd, that it would close its crossing to thousands of Gaza workers and goods. This comes within the context of the occupation’s ongoing suffocating punitive policy on Gaza and the invasions of Al-Aqsa in recent days.

The occupation has performed near-daily raids at the Jerusalem holy site of Al-Aqsa over the past week. Israeli police have entered the compound beating worshipers and firing rubber-coated bullets and stun grenades.

The violence in Jerusalem, and raids across the occupied West Bank, raised fears of another war on Gaza like the one that broke out under similar circumstances last year.

Israeli occupation claimed that Hamas fired two projectiles late Friday, with one landing, unexploded, in an empty area inside Israel and the other falling inside Gaza. There was no immediate comment from health officials.

They said that another projectile was fired from Gaza early Saturday, while they did not say where it landed. There were no reports of casualties or damage.

The Israeli military occupation affairs in Gaza said the crossing used by workers would not be re-opened on Sunday, the start of the workweek. “The re-opening of the crossing will be decided accordingly with a security assessment,” it said in a statement.

In recent months, Israel had issued thousands of work permits to Palestinians from Gaza, which has been under a crippling Israeli and Egyptian 15-year-old blockade, right after Hamas won the election in the region at the time.

Israel portrayed the move as a ‘goodwill gesture’ in order to leverage and control Gazans as it gave the poison and offered its conditional antidote while calling it a goodwill gesture.

These permissions, which can be revoked at any moment, offer it significant control over Palestinians. Israel issues work permits to around 12,000 Palestinians in Gaza and over 100,000 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, primarily for construction and other low-wage jobs.

In the 1967 war, Israel seized east Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip, as well as significant holy sites sacred to MuslimsChristians, and Jews, territories Palestinians need to form their agreed-upon future state.

Israel annexed east Jerusalem in a move not recognized by international law and created Israeli colonies across the occupied West Bank, accommodating roughly 500,000 settlers, in a move that is not authorized by international law.

The Israeli violence in Jerusalem has been centered on the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site in Islam. While the Palestinians hold an emotional bond to the area atheist extremist groups are playing the ‘religion’ game in order to land grab the holy city.

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