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Thursday, March 23

Sudanese Protest against Normalization with Israeli Occupation

Sudanese Protest against Normalization with Israeli Occupation
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Sudanese protested Sunday, January 5, 2022, in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan against the Israeli occupation’s Foreign Minister Eli Cohen’s visit to the country and the announcement of normalization steps between Sudan and the occupation. Sudanese Protest

The demonstrators staged a protest against Cohen’s visit in the center of Khartoum, chanting slogans, “No peace, no negotiation, no recognition of the Israeli occupation,” “Jerusalem is ours,” and “Normalization is treason.”

While protesting, the Sudanese held banners reading, “We are against normalization,” “Palestine is not for sale,” “Al-Aqsa is a belief,” “Khartoum will not betray Jerusalem,” and “Traitorous rulers do not represent us.”

The Sudanese protest came at the invitation of the “Sudanese Against Normalization” coalition, which officially launched its activities in February 2020, to put pressure on the Sudanese government to stop the normalization measures with the Israeli occupation.

Following the visit, Sudanese political forces and parties condemned the visit, and rejected the news that followed about Khartoum’s intention to formally normalize its relations with Tel Aviv.

These parties and forces stressed that Sudan will remain “supportive of the Palestinian people and their cause,” and affirmed their refusal to establish relations with the Israeli occupation.

It is noteworthy that Sudan agreed to take steps to normalize relations with the Israeli occupation in the 2020 agreement mediated by the former US administration headed by Donald Trump.

However, the normalization agreements between the Israeli occupation and the Arab countries do not reflect the orientation of the Arab peoples, but rather represent the governmental approach of these countries.

Despite the extremism of the new far-right Israeli government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu and the escalation of the occupation’s crimes against the Palestinians, the Arab regimes are still committed to normalization with it.

According to a number of opinion polls, the majority of the population of Arab countries believes that this normalization reinforces the persistence of the occupation in committing more crimes against the Palestinian people.