Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Stories from Qalandiya: Children of the Checkpoint

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Source: The Palestine Chronicle

By Tamar Fleishman


From the outside, nobody can fully understand the difficulties and hardship of Palestinian workers who work nearby Israeli military checkpoints.

When they find it difficult to make a livelihood in their towns in the occupied West Bank, they decide to move to these areas, known for pedestrian and vehicle traffic, to sell all sorts of items and make a meager living.

They usually rent a room or a flat in one of the refugee camps located between Ramallah and Qalandiya and they only come back home to their families for the weekend.

Most of them are committed to their children’s education, but this is not always possible.

“It is better to die than live the way we do,” a Palestinian working near Qalandiya told me.


“Some of these children do not go to school. They work here at the checkpoint and go home only once a month, or even less, to see their mother and sisters. Is this a life?” he asked.