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Wednesday, May 31

IOF Minister Announces His Approval of Building 100s Settlement Units in West Bank

M.S | DOP -

IOF Minister Benny Gantz announced on Thursday, September 2022, that he will approve in the coming weeks the construction of hundreds of settlement units in Israeli settlements built on Palestinian lands in the occupied West Bank.

Gantz added, during his meeting with Israeli settlement leaders in the West Bank, that he would approve, prior to the upcoming Israeli elections, scheduled for the beginning of next November, the construction of hundreds of new Israeli settlement units.

Gantz met with Israeli settlement leaders who set up a protest tent in front of his home in Tel-Aviv against “traffic jams” on West Bank streets.

Gantz also promised the settlers to study alternative roads to reduce “overcrowding” on the streets of the West Bank, at the expense of the Palestinian citizens’ freedom of movement.

Until now, the Israeli occupation continues to establish thousands of settlement units in the Palestinian territories, especially in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, by confiscating the Palestinians’ lands, expelling them, occupying their land, and establishing illegal settlements.

The number of settlers in the West Bank is about 700,000, while their number in occupied Jerusalem reaches about 300,000, distributed in more than 550 settlements.