Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 10

Six Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli Jails are on Hunger Strike

Days of Palestine -

There are currently six Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupation jails on hunger strike to achieve their demands.

Khalil Awawdeh, 40, from Dora town in the south of the West Bank, has been on hunger strike for 110 days, and Raed Rayyan, 27, from Beit Duqqo village near Jerusalem, for 75 days both in protest against their prolonged administrative detention without charge or trial.

Freedom fighter Zakaria Zubaidi, from Jenin refugee camp who was able to recently escape from prison with five other freedom fighters after digging a tunnel but were all later caught, has been on hunger strike for the 16th consecutive day in solidarity with Awawdeh and Rayyan.

At the same time, Abdullah Barghouti, from the Ramallah area who is sentenced to 67 life terms, the longest sentence Israel has passed, continues his hunger strike for the 11th day in rejection of his solitary confinement.

Also, Yaqoub Gawadra, from Jenin who is serving two life terms plus 35 years, is on hunger strike for 20 days in rejection of the difficult conditions of his isolation and demanding the restoration of his rights that were taken from him, and Mohammad Nawara, from Ramallah serving a life term, embarked on hunger strike also in protest against his isolation for 11 months in a row.

Meanwhile, administrative detainee Jamal Zeid, 63, from al-Bireh, in Ramallah, who was detained on September 15 of last year and held in administrative detention and who suffers from kidney failure, has decided to boycott dialysis sessions in protest against his detention.