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Tuesday, March 21

Roaches Inside Israeli Food Products

S.K | DOP -

Shufersal, an Israeli Food Company announced Wednesday morning, September 7, 2022 that following a complaint about the presence of an insect in the frozen beans bags, the company has decided to withdraw the product from the market and stop selling it.


Earlier, last month, insects were found in bags of peas and beans in the products of a number of Israeli companies.


And previously, Hebrew Channel 12 said that a mouse’s tail was found in one of the canned peas and carrots produced by the Israeli company “Tami”.


Note that, insects were found in a bag of frozen peas of the Israeli chain of “Shofersal” companies, and an insect in one of the bags of vegetables of the Israeli company “Sanfrost”.


The Israeli company, “Sanfrost”, had previously announced, in cooperation with the Israeli Ministry of Health, the necessity of returning bags of chopped and frozen green beans from the company’s production after discovering part of a snake in one of the bags last month.