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Friday, March 31

Protest at Spanish University Over Visit of Israeli Ambassador

Protest Erupts at Spanish University Over Visit of Israeli Ambassador
M.Y | DOP -

In Madrid, Palestinian groups and solidarity committees held a protest against the presence of Rudeka Radian Gordon, the Israeli ambassador to Spain, at a seminar at Complutense University.

Dozens of students participated in a demonstration held at theFaculty of Languages building in protest against the Israeli occupation, while voicing out their disapproval of Zionist and American policies and the crimes against the Palestinian people in Jerusalem, Gaza, Jenin, Nablus and the camps of the occupied West Bank.

Khaldia Abu Bakra, who is part of the Palestinian Women‘s Movement, took part in the event and stated that these popular movements are manifestations of the Palestinian outrage in the diaspora over the acceptance of Zionist war criminals, and those who support the iniquitous Zionist entity with the backing of the United States and the European Union.

A strong security presence was seen in the area around Complutense University, accompanied by a notable level of tension between the riot police and the protesters. According to sources from the Samidoun Network, two activists were arrested and later released.