Days of Palestine

Sunday, March 26

IOF Compel Palestinians to Close Their Shops in Jericho

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S.K | DOP -

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) compelled Wednesday, February 8, 2023 the Palestinian shop owners in the village of Al-Auja, north of occupied Jericho, to close them.

Local sources said that the Israeli occupation forced a number of Palestinian shop owners on Road 60 in Khirbet al-Fawqa from al-Auja area to close them, and threatened them with extending their closure for 5 days, once they open them again.

It’s noteworthy that the city of Jericho, considered as a gateway to Palestine, as all Palestinian citizens from all governorates move to and from it, including children, women, the elderly, and the sick, has been on a comprehensive siege for the past days.

Israeli forces have been imposing movement restrictions on the camp for more than two weeks and carrying out raids, including one that led to several live ammunition injuries.

This siege in turn leads to hitting the economy of Palestine and puts obstacles in front of the Palestinian citizens to pursue their work and their industrial, agricultural, tourism and other projects in Jericho.

This siege is as a flagrant violation of the international law, international humanitarian law and the globally-accepted and signed agreements.

It’s noteworthy that these provocative acts in the West-Bank  come amid the escalating atmosphere, especially after the formation of the new Israeli Government.