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Saturday, June 10

Pro-Palestine Activists Organize Protests on Prisoner’s Day

B.M | DOP -

Several protests were held around the world to commemorate Palestinian Prisoner’s Day marked on April 17, 2023.

Dozens of Palestine supporters in Germany took to the streets, chanting for Palestinian prisoners and calling for freedom.

Protesters raised Palestine flags and signs condemning Israeli crimes and human rights violations against the Palestinian people.

Another protest took place in London where participants commemorate Quds Day and called for boycotting Israel.

In Canada, protesters raised photos of several Palestinian detainees, including Waleed Abu Dagga who suffers from cancer.

In addition, the participants called for an end to the Israeli policy of administrative detention, during which prisoners are held without trial or charge.

Prisoner’s Day is marked on April 17 each year to highlight the deprivation and injustice to which Palestinian detainees are subjected in Israeli prisons.