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Saturday, June 3

Prisoners Affairs: Palestinian Prisoner Walid Daqqa’s Health Deteriorating Rapidly

M.Y | DOP -

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society PPS has reported that the health of Walid Daqqa, who has been held in Israeli jails for 38 years, has been gradually getting worse.

A representative for the PPS, Hasan Abed Rabbo, disclosed on Wednesday that Daqqa underwent a lung operation at Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon due to a recent medical complication. It was revealed that a considerable section of Daqqa’s right lung was taken out, and he is currently in the ICU.

Abed Rabbo reported that the attempts to save Daqqa, who is presently fighting for survival, have been unsuccessful thus far.

Daqqa has been dealing with unstable health due to suffering from pneumonia for quite a few months. Last month, his condition was so bad that he had to be admitted to the hospital because of feeling lightheaded and a decrease in his hemoglobin levels.

Daqqa, a Palestinian author and freedom fighter, has been held in Israeli custody since 1986 due to his opposition to the Israeli occupation.

Last year, he was identified to have Myelofibrosis, an uncommon type of bone marrow cancer that interferes with the body’s regular formation of blood cells.

If not treated, Myelofibrosis can cause a great deal of scarring in the bone marrow, resulting in a serious form of anaemia that can cause exhaustion and tiredness.

Daqqa has been held in Israeli detention for a long period of time and is one of the most well-known Palestinian inmates. During his incarceration, he has written multiple books, including a book for children.