The Government Media Office in Gaza condemns the hosting of Al-Ghad channel to the Israeli war criminal Gantz

Days of Palestine - Gaza

The government media office in Gaza condemned the hosting of Al-Ghad channel, the Israeli war criminal, and the Minister of the Israeli occupation army, "Benny Gantz."

In a statement on Monday evening, the Office said that Gantz had stained his hands with the blood of the Palestinian people, and sent through this window his threats to a number of national components, and brazenly published a description of the capabilities of his usurper entity on the world and the region, in a behavior full of arrogance and defiance to the feelings of the Arab and Islamic nation.

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The Media Office expressed its regret for the hosting and indicated that it was supposed to be part of the Arab support tools that defend the rights of Palestinian people, and who deny the criminal policies of the Israeli occupation.

The Office considered what happened to coincide with the state of rushing to normalize with the Israeli occupation by some Arab regimes, as well as the fact that such hosting of figures from the occupation state goes beyond the professional and national Arab dimension, which affects the feelings of millions of supporters of Palestinian rights.

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It also emphasized the principled position rejecting any form of media normalization with the Israeli occupation and called on all Arab media outlets not to open a window through which the "Israeli" war criminals would view the Arab citizen.

The government media office called on Al-Ghad TV to retreat from this disgraceful behavior, and to apologize to the Arab citizen whose heart is still beating in love for Palestine, and to reject normalization with the occupier.

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