Gaza still suffering from 2008 Israeli aggression

On the 12th anniversary of the aggressive war launched by the Israeli occupation on Gaza, traces and memories of the aggression are still fresh for everyone who lived through it as it was yesterday. In 21 days, warplanes made hundreds of tons of explosives and internationally prohibited weapons, inflicting tremendous destruction in many critical sectors and sector infrastructure.

The Deputy of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Naji Sarhan, confirms that the process of rebuilding Gaza after the 2008 aggression, did not take its right, as even today there are houses that have not been rebuilt.

He explained that about 500 housing units were destroyed in 2008 and have not been rebuilt until today, because the donor countries did not adhere to their financial pledges, and the occupation launched two wars of aggression in 2012 and 2014, and the priority was the recent destruction.

Sarhan said, "The sector has not yet repaired infrastructure damage, including streets and water networks," pointing out that the Gazans people reconstruction has shared in repairing it, as 90% of the total damage of the 2014 aggression has been repaired, but at the level of infrastructure, many streets are still destroyed.

He warned that the military escalations that occur from time to time and the systematic bombing that follows them on Gaza, all of which lead to the destruction of the infrastructure of the streets, water, electricity and communications networks.

Targeting Education

The Director General of Planning and Development in the Ministry of Education, Rashid Abu Jahjouh, stated that the aggression launched by the occupation on Gaza on December 27, 2008, inflicted losses on the educational sector exceeding 50 million dollars, due to the direct and indirect destruction of schools, universities and educational institutions. 

He explained that the occupation began its aggression by bombing and destroying various government installations, and some of them were close to schools and universities, which caused hundreds of martyrs in the first moments of the aggressive war.

Meanwhile, Jahjouh stated that the war damage partially affected 226 schools, and while eight schools were completely destroyed, the occupation targeted specific buildings in three major universities in Gaza, indicating that these damages took more than three years to rebuild them.

According to Jahjouh, the number of martyrs and injured students reached 220, in addition to the martyrdom of 7 university students and 13 teachers.

Targeting Mosques

On the religious side, the occupation army deliberately targeted mosques, places of worship, cemeteries, and endowment institutions, as the spokesman for the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs, Adel Al-Hor explained that the occupation army completely destroyed 34 mosques, and 167 mosques were partially damaged.

He emphasized that mosques are educational, faith and moral incubators that have a great message in society, and thousands of Quran memoris are graduated annually.

Al-Hor explained that the estimated cost of rebuilding and restoring mosques amounted to more than $ 20 million, most of which have been reconstructed and restored, but it has taken many years for that.

“There are mosques that have not been rebuilt and restored so far due to the lack of the necessary funding,” he added.


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