Tweets: #StopDemolishingHomes

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A- Videos Tweets (تغريدات الفيديو):-

1- The school children sitting on the rubble and standing around their demolished school by Israeli forces in  Abu Al-Nawwar Palestinian community in the occupied West Bank. #StopDemolishingHomes #ICC4Israel #Act4Palestine

2- Israel demolished buildings belong to 350 Palestinians, more than half of them are children," in Wadi Homs neighborhood in the occupied Jerusalem. #StopDemolishingHomes #ICC4Israel #Act4Palestine

3- On March 19th, 2019, Israel evacuated a Palestinian school in Shaufat, Occupied Jerusalem, then demolished it. #StopDemolishingHomes #ICC4Israel #Act4Palestine

4- Israeli occupation forces demolished a cluster of Palestinian homes near the apartheid barrier in the occupied West Bank. #StopDemolishingHomes #ICC4Israel #Act4Palestine

5- Israeli occupation forces demolished a four-story building in the occupied Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya on 11 July 2017. #StopDemolishingHomes #ICC4Israel #Act4Palestine

6- This is what it looks like when Israel demolishes your home, destroying your life, your savings and future. #StopDemolishingHomes #ICC4Israel #Act4Palestine

7- Israel claims that they demolishes the homes of shooters, while the truth is they demolish the civilians' homes in the occupied West Bank. #StopDemolishingHomes #ICC4Israel #Act4Palestine

8- Israel not only demolish civilians' homes but also demolish a Palestinian vegetable and fruit markets, and steals families properties in the occupied West Bank. #StopDemolishingHomes #ICC4Israel #Act4Palestine

9- Israel demolishes infrastructure, leaving Palestinian farmers without water for domestic and agricultural needs. #StopDemolishingHomes #ICC4Israel #Act4Palestine

10- 2400+ classrooms missing from occupied Jerusalem. Residents just outside Shuafat RC build the school to compensate for shortage; Israel demolishes it. #StopDemolishingHomes #ICC4Israel #Act4Palestine

11- Israel doesn't just arrest Palestinians, it demolishes their family homes too as collective punishment. #StopDemolishingHomes #ICC4Israel #Act4Palestine

12- Thousand Palestinian families are traumatized and homeless as Israel demolished their homes in the occupied West Bank. #StopDemolishingHomes #ICC4Israel #Act4Palestine







B- Photos Tweets (تغريدات صور):-

















C- Text Tweets (تغريدات نصية):-




























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