Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 3

Palestinians in Gaza Resume Protests Against Israel’s Crippling Blockade

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Palestinians in Gaza organized Tuesday, September 13, an event titled “Our Gas Is Our Right” in protest against the Israeli siege imposed on the besieged enclave since 2007, demanding Palestinians’ right to natural gas fields opposite the coast of the Strip.

Palestine’s National and Islamic Action factions inaugurated a waterway from the Gaza Strip to break the suffocating Israeli siege in conjunction with the organized event, Local media reported. 

In the same vein, boats set off from the Gaza port to break the Israeli deadly blockade imposed on Gaza which turned the enclave into an open-air prison.

“It is no secret to the world that Gaza is experiencing poverty, humanitarian suffering and increasing need as tens of thousands of Palestinian families are still without income or a source of livelihood helps them to live a decent life’ said Soheil al-Hendi, a Hamas official, during the event. 

He added that the Israeli occupation is still depriving the Strip of its basic human rights and fortunes.

The protests are an attempt to put pressure on Israel to ease its blockade on Gaza.

Israeli occupation regime brought the entire Gaza Strip under land, aerial, and naval blockade since June 2007. 

About 2.1 million Palestinians have been subjected to numerous closures during the past two decades, including restrictions on imports of fuel, goods, essential medical equipment, and the movement of people out of and into Gaza. 

The suffocation policy imposed by the Israeli occupation plunged Gaza into unemployment, poverty, food insecurity, and the erosion of the productive base due to heavy economic losses. 

Despite its withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, Israel is still an occupying power as it fully controls Gaza and places Palestinians under a suffocating blockade, which constitutes a form of collective punishment in a flagrant violation of international law rather than undertaking its duty in protecting Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.