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Wednesday, May 31

Palestinians Dub Marvel’s New Israeli Superhero Sabra ‘Captain Apartheid’

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Palestinians have denounced Marvel’s latest Israeli superheroine character, as human rights groups across the world dub the country an “apartheid state”.

The Israeli superhero first debuted in the pages of Marvel Comics in 1980 in The Incredible Hulk and is called Sabra. 

Israeli actress Shira Haas will play the Israeli superhero Sabra in the forthcoming new Marvel movie after the cast was revealed at Disney’s D23 Expo on Saturday.

The controversial announcement has drawn a wave of criticism as pro-Palestine supporters criticized the motion as “disgusting”.

Sabra, who uses mutant powers to aid so-called Israel was the first superhero in the Marvel canon to work with the security agency Mossad, which has killed, imprisoned, and ruined the lives of too many Palestinians to count. 

Sabra is the informal name for Jews born in Israel. Social media users remarked how the word “Sabra” was insensitive due to the massacre of Palestinians in Sabra and Shatila in 1982, where thousands of civilians mostly Palestinian were slaughtered by militias under the supervision of the Israeli forces who surrounded the areas and provided the Phalangists with bulldozers to bury the corpses of massacred Palestinians.

Palestinians have reacted angrily on social media, with one asking “Who will she be fighting? Little kids with rocks?”

Palestinian poet Ehab Judah said that there are “not enough words to explain how disgusting this is… Apartheid Israel with their propaganda machine trying to ‘clean’ up their narrative by using an ‘Israeli’ superhero… Marvel, you should be ashamed.”