Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Our Gas is Our Right, Gaza Officials say

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As Israeli occupation is in charge, Senior officials in Gaza demanded that Gazans should benefit from a gas field that has been recently discovered nearby Gaza shores

It comes as factions in Gaza protest alongside the shore, demanding their rights in managing the gas wills

“People in Gaza should benefit from our natural resources by all means,”  Senior officials said.

Earlier, Hamas senior officials said that “We shall not give Israeli occupation the green light to benefit from our natural resources”.

In a statement in the Russian capital, Moscow on Monday, Ismail Hania, a Palestinian official, stressed on the right of Palestinians to be in charge of their natural resources particularly the gas.

Hania Continued: “We appeal the international community to stand with our people’s right.”

Israeli occupation imposed an exhausting blockade on the Gaza Strip since 2007, banning essential materials such as foodstuffs and recreational materials from accessing into the devastated enclave.