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Sunday, March 26

Palestinians Deem Huwwara Resistance Incidents Normal Retaliation to Israeli Crimes

S.K | DOP -

Palestinian national Parties stated Sunday, March 19, 2023 following Huwwara incidents that it’s a normal retaliation to the Israeli unending and repeated crimes.

Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qasem said that resistance in Huwwara is a normal response to the Israeli occupation’s crimes against Palestinians, adding that the Palestinian resistance shall always be continous and escalating in the West Bank and Gaza.

Qasem also noted that the Palestinian resistance in the West Bank is getting much stronger, more present and deeply-rooted, that nothing can stop it.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian national party “Al-Jihad” second that resistance in Huwwara is an expected response and stressed that it’s being the legitimate right to every Palestinian witnessing Israeli crimes on a daily basis.

Huwwara incidents came as part of Palestinians’ condemenation of the Sharm El-Sheikh security meeting with Israel, scheduled to start today, March 19, 2023.¬† For Palestinians, such meetings aim at whitewashing Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people, which has increased since the start of 2023.

Palestinian figures showed that Israeli forces and settlers carried out about 700 attacks against Palestinian families and their properties in the occupied West Bank till March 2023.

These attacks included assaulting Palestinians, uprooting trees, razing lands, seizing properties, burning and vandalizing vehicles, and closing roads.