Days of Palestine

Friday, March 31

3 Israeli Settlers Injured in Shooting Attack in Huwara

M.Y | DOP -

3 Israeli settlers were wounded at sundown on Sunday in a shooting incident in Huwara, located to the south of Nablus.

Unknown shooters attacked an Israeli vehicle at close range, leading to three casualties, two of which were seriously injured, and the attacker fled the scene, according to Israeli media

One of the injured Israelis is reported to be a soldier from the isreali Special Units, whose name is Alexander David Ben Sara

Huwara has become a focal point for recent outbreaks of violence by Israeli settlers.

It is estimated that around 400 Israeli settlers were involved in the terror events in Huwara last month, resulting in dozens of Palestinian houses being set alight, tens of cars destroyed, and many Palestinian families being forced to evacuate.