Days of Palestine

Sunday, February 5

Palestinian Youths Succumb to Wounds Sustained by Israeli Occupation Bullets in Jenin

Af.M | DOP -

Two Palestinain youths Succumbed to critical injuries sustained by Israeli occupation troops’ gunfire during a military raid into the occupied west bank village of Kafr Dan in Jenin, Monday, January 2.

The Palestinian ministry of health announced that the 21-year-old Palestinian youth Mohamed Samer Hoshieh from the town of Al-Yamoun and the 17-year-old Palestinian boy Fouad Mahmoud Ahmed Abed from Kafr Dan Succumbed to critical injuries sustained by Israeli forces in Chest, thigh, and abdomen.

Well-armed Israeli forces accompanied by a military bulldozer stormed the village of Kafrdan and surrounded the homes of the families of the killed Palestinian youths Ahmed Ayman Ibrahim Abed and Abd al-Rahman Hani Subhi Abed in preparation for their demolition.

Israeli occupation forces attacked the Palestinians who stood up to defend their homes and properties, killing 2 and injuring 6 others.

During the military raid, Israeli occupation forces also arrested the young Palestinain man Maher Hani Abed after raiding his house.

Ahmed and Abdel-Rahman Abed were shot dead by the Israeli occupation forces last September 2022 near the Al-Jalama military checkpoint, north of Jenin.

It is noteworthy that 224 Palestinian youths were killed by the Israeli occupation forces including 59 from Jenin in 2022.