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Wednesday, March 29

Palestinian refugees in Syria’s Jaramana camp still adhering to RoR

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In the Jaramana refugee camp in the countryside of Damascus, Palestinian refugees are still adhering to their right of return to their homeland, Palestine.

Jaramana camp is 8 km away from Damascus on the road to Damascus International Airport. The camp was established in 1948 and occupies an area of 0.03 square kilometers.

Historically, the camp has been inhabited by those displaced by the Israeli racial cleansing in 1948, as well as Palestinians who had taken refuge in the Golan Heights and were displaced as a result of the 1967 Israeli aggression and occupation.

According to 2015 estimates, there were over 17,000 Palestine refugees living in Jaramana camp.

Difficult Living Conditions

Like in other areas of Palestinian refugee camps, displacement, unemployment, inflation, and protection risks are among the main concerns shared by Palestine refugees.

Speaking to the PIC reporter, local activist Ali Othman pointed out that Palestinian refugees’ suffering has been worsened during the Syrian crisis.

It was attacked more than once by both the Syrian regime and opposition forces, he added.

“Over the past few years, the camp witnessed an influx of displaced Palestine refugees from other areas, including from Yarmouk. As a result, Jaramana has become one of the most densely populated areas of Damascus.”

Othman also stressed the urgent need to provide the inhabitants with new adequate shelters in light of the growing overcrowding.

He further pointed out that Palestinian refugees at Jaramana camp are closely following up the ongoing Israeli crimes and violations at home, especially in Jerusalem and al-Aqsa, despite their deep suffering.

They are strongly adherent to their right of return, the Palestinian activist stressed.

Thieves in the Night

Theft from local homes is a new phenomenon that increased people’s difficult conditions.

The Palestinian refugee Abu Ahmed, 60, confirmed that the camp has been witnessing many thefts recently via rooftops.

Local activists called on the residents to unite their efforts to put an end to the new phenomenon that threatens their security and social ladder.

They also expressed their dissatisfaction with the failure of the security services to catch the thieves and restore security.

Source: The Palestinian Information Center