Days of Palestine

Sunday, March 26

Palestinian Prisoners Continue Revolt Against Israeli Repressive Measures

Palestinian detainees continue their civil disobedience to protest against punitive measures imposed by Israel's new far-right government.
B.M | DOP -

Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons continued disobedience against the Israeli repressive measures for the 12th consecutive day.

The High National Emergency Committee for Palestinian Prisoners said that Palestinian prisoners have no way but to confront the Israeli oppression that Israel’s new government escalated.

In a statement, the Emergency Committee said that our primary demand is freedom. “we call upon you to raise our voices until we obtain our rights,” the statement read.

The statement pointed out that Palestinian prisoners will go through an open-ended hunger strike by the start of the holy month of Ramadan.

Palestinian prisoners declared a series of escalating steps to protest against Ben-Gvir’s recent repressive measures against them.

Palestinian figures showed that about 4,780 Palestinian prisoners are being held inside Israeli jails, including 160 children, and 29 females.