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Saturday, June 3

Palestinian Ministry of Tourism: New Archaeological Discovery in Bureij

S.K | DOP -

The Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in Gaza discovered in early September new mosaic floors dating back to the Byzantine era to the east of Al-Bureij Camp in Gaza.

The ministry spokesperson emphasized Sunday, September 18, 2022 in a statement regarding the archaeological discovery that these archeological discoveries have their sovereign role in consolidating the civilized presence of the Palestinians.

He added that this role appears clearly via maintaining archaeological historical sites, highlighting their landmarks, and excavating what they contain from different eras and civilizations.

He also emphasized the role of the Ministry of Tourism to to preserve the new archaeological site from extinction or encroachment as all ministry cadres worked immediately upon reporting it, and for more than a month on a daily basis, getting to know closely what it is and searching for its evidence, and preparing historical studies.