Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Palestinian Injured Prisoner Enters His 7th Year in Israeli Prisons

B.M | DOP -

The Palestinian injured prisoner Ayman Al-Kurd, from Jerusalem, entered on Monday, September 19, his seventh consecutive year of detention in the Israeli occupation prisons.

The head of the committee of relatives of Jerusalemite detainees Amjad Abu Asab stated that the prisoner Al-Kurd was arrested on September 19, 2006, in the Bab al-Sahira area in occupied Jerusalem, after he was shot and seriously injured by the occupation forces.

Activist Abu Asab explained that the Israeli occupation court accused him of carrying out a stabbing attack against the soldiers in the Bab al-Sahira area. He added that Al-Kurd was unjustly sentenced to 35 years in prison, in addition to a fine of 330,000 NIS.

Prisoner Al-Kurd has been subjected to systematic medical neglect, and he is still suffering due to this unjust policy. He is currently in dire need of a series of treatments and examinations.

Israel currently holds 4,650 Palestinian prisoners including 32 women, 175 minors, and 730 administrative detainees. In addition, hundreds of patients 32 of which suffer from cancerous tumors, are being incarcerated in Israeli prisons.