Days of Palestine

Palestinian Feminists to Stand with Google Tech Workers to End Zionist Military Benefit

M.Y | DOP -

A grassroots collective of diasporic Palestinian women is to demonstrate next Thursday, September 8 at 5am at the Seattle Google Campus in solidarity with the company tech workers, as they urged Google and Amazon to take off contracts with the Zionist Israeli Military.

Google and Amazon not only provide the infrastructure for the Zionist Israeli Occupation Forces to store surveillance data, but also supply them with tools to set up their own technology in order to track, identify, and watch Palestinians, using facial detection and sentiment analysis.

“We know that this surveillance technology is being used to disrupt the Palestinian resistance by helping to detain, imprison, and murder our freedom fighters. It’s time to hold Google and Amazon accountable for their direct ties to the occupation of Palestine.” Falastiniyat Seattle spokesperson said.