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Friday, March 31

Palestinian Female Detainees: Save Us from Israeli Occupation Crimes

Palestinian Female Detainees: Save Us from Israeli Occupation Crimes
M.S | DOP -

The Palestinian Prisoners Information Office transmitted today, Wednesday, February 1, 2022, an important audio message from the Palestinian female detainees in the Israeli Damon Prison after they were assaulted by the prison administration yesterday.

The female detainees appealed to the Palestinian people and those concerned with their case to take immediate action to stop the Israeli occupation’s aggression and crimes against them.

They said, “Where is the one who liberates us after we were detained when we performed our duty towards our homeland and sanctities?”

The Israeli occupation is escalating its violations against the Palestinian detainees , in conjunction with Itamar Ben Gvir’s extremist statements.

On Tuesday, January 31, 2022, the administration of the Israeli “Damoon” prison isolated the representative of the Palestinian Female Detainee, Yasmine Shaaban, after assaulting her.

The Damoon prison administration also imposed harsh penalties against female Palestinian detainees.

In a related context, The Minister of National Security of the occupation, the leader of the far-right “Jewish Power” party, Itamar Ben Gvir, began his moves against the Palestinian detainees in the occupation prisons.

Ben Gvir also announced in a tweet via “Twitter” on Friday, January 27, he is proceeding with his plan towards adopting a law that imposes the death penalty on prisoners accused of killing or attempting to kill Israeli settlers.