Days of Palestine

Friday, March 31

Palestinian Factions Speak Out Against Israeli Suppression of Prisoners

Palestinian Factions Speak Out Against Israeli Suppression of Prisoners
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The Palestinian resistance factions expressed their condemnation against Israel‘s recent treatment of Palestinian prisoners, characterizing the actions asplaying with fire during a meeting in Gaza on Tuesday. The factions also addressed the Israeli aggression toward AlAqsa Mosque in the occupied Jerusalem.

The factions declared their unwavering backing for the Palestinian resistance fighters in the occupied West Bank, proclaiming their admiration for the bravery of these heroes. They also voiced their support for all the cells, groups and brigades who are seeking retribution for Palestinians killed by Israeli occupation forces, and safeguarding their sacred places.

The tour of the area conducted by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was seen as having little to no significance. This trip follows those made by US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and CIA Director William Burns.

Hamas recently asserted that the increasing violence inflicted by Israeli forces on Palestinian women in detention, particularly those incarcerated in the Damon Prison, cannot be tolerated. This morning, the Israeli occupation forces reportedly physically assaulted the women and confiscated their personal items.

The movement called on Palestinians and people of all nations to show their solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners being held in Israeli prisons.