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Saturday, January 28

“Palestinian dream”: An Electronic Campaign to Address Palestinian Cause During the Qatar World Cup

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An online campaign was launched under the name of “Palestinian Dream” with the aim of introducing the world to the Palestinian cause during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

This campaign called on the Arab masses attending the matches and the FIFA events to raise the flag of Palestine, and cheer for Palestine in the stands and arenas whenever the fans of the national teams gather.

“Palestinian dream”: An Electronic Campaign to Address Palestinian Cause during the Qatar World Cup

The campaign is widely popular on social media in Arab countries and activists called for participation and interaction with the hashtags “Palestinian Dream” and “Why Not”.

Users of the social media platforms said that the “Palestinian Dream” could turn into one of the largest campaigns to support Palestine telling the truth of what is really happening in Palestine to the world.

Activists confirmed that this campaign is not only a Palestinian dream, but the dream of every Arab.