Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Palestinian Director rejects to display his film in Israeli Festival

N.S | DOP -

The Palestinian-Syrian director, Mohammed Khamis, refused to represent his movie, Three Stories from Gaza, during Dokif Festival in the occupied city of Tel-Aviv, in an attempt to reject Israeli normalization and in solidarity with his people.


The movie demonstrates the obstacles and troubles that children confront in Gaza as a result of the ongoing aggression on the city. 

It represents the story of a journalist during 2012 aggression on Gaza as he was filming two kids, Riham and Nader, when Israeli jets killed them all of a sudden in an airstrike.

Mohammed stressed as well on children in the besieged city of Gaza as Israeli Occupation warplanes have carried out several aggressions over the past decade on Gaza City.

He said that children’s issues should be pivotal not only in Gaza but all over the world, apart from politics.

The director expressed his utmost pleasure as the movie is admired by many.

“I am really glad people praised the movie,” Mohammed said.

“And I am proud that Gaza City remains “on the table”. He added.

The famous director has won an award in Rome in 2021 as the best director plus the Midfield award in Denmark.