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Palestinian Detainee’s Health Deteriorates Inside Israeli Jails

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‎Tawfeeq Jarbou’, brother of the Palestinian detainee: Nouriddin Jarbou’ stated Monday, September 19, 2022 that his brother Nour had an operation two days ago after his health has deteriorated recently.

This came after continuous interventions of human rights doctors as he suffers severe abdominal pains.b

A bag of “waste” was implanted on the abdomen; for him it was difficult to remove it from its place as a result of its impact on the injury, which leads to infections.

Tawfeeq added that his brother is up to another operation in the coming days to transplant flesh and skin.

Nour’s last visit at “Rambam Hospital” was two weeks ago, after receiving coordination from the Red Cross, as the visit lasted for only 40 minutes.

He also pointed out that Nour’s heart stopped twice and was also infected with Corona virus as a result of the medical negligence practiced against him.

Jarbou’ lost his consciousness more than once and suffers from hemiplegia as a result of being hit by more than 10 bullets before he was detained.

It’s worth mentioning that thousands of Palestinian prisoners currently suffer inside Israeli occupation jails due to deliberate medical negligence and ill treatment policy they are subjected to inside Israeli jails.