Days of Palestine

Wednesday, March 29

Palestine Mourns Pro-Palestinian German Activist Messrshamd

S.K | DOP -

Few days ago, Palestine lost a great friend, Clemens Messrshamed, who gave its people and its just cause most of his interest, professional devotion, knowledge and sincere feelings, specifically the city of Ramallah, as it remained his place of residence for nearly a quarter of a century and where he died too.

Clemens Messrshamed is a German hydrologist, water expert and researcher in the water sector, the most critical and complex sector that affects the lives of millions of Palestinian people and the future of the Palestinian cause.

Messerschmid was not known to many outsiders for his great interest in the water sector, but his activities and essential observations that he summarized in a small booklet shows the extent to which the Israeli occupation exploited the water sector to blackmail the Palestinians and control their lives, economy and destiny.

This booklet, which was issued by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in December 2011, is a document supported by facts and evidences on how the occupation established a system of deliberate separation and racial discrimination.

This discrimination is obvious by Israel’s robbery of the vast majority of Palestinian water resources, and controlling the production and distribution of the remaining scarce part, using the thirst of Palestinians as a tool to oppress, blackmail and control them.