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Friday, March 31

Palestine Action Activists Arrested After Breaking into Israeli-Based Elbit

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Days of Palestine – London

A group of activists has said they broke into the premises of an Israeli arms firm on the outskirts of Bristol.

This comes after nine people were arrested yesterday after intruders’ “forced entry” into a building in South Gloucestershire. Police swooped on a business in Aztec West after an alarm was activated at about 4.15 pm and officers remained there until 8 pm as the intruders “barricaded themselves inside” and damaged the building in protest of supporting Israeli troops with guns.

Palestine Action has now said that nine of its activists were arrested after they “occupied” Elbit’s Bristol headquarters. According to its website, Elbit is an Israeli-based “high technology company engaged in a wide range of programs” which include military aircraft and helicopter systems as well as electronic warfare.

In a press release, Palestine Action said that nine activists have been arrested after Palestine Action occupied and dismantled Elbit’s Bristol headquarters — a major operational hub — in commemoration of Nakba Day.

“Activists stormed and occupied the property, tore apart office premises, and destroyed Elbit’s equipment, while other members locked on across the entrance to prevent access to the site.”

The statement said that the activists dismantled the office including walls, floors, ceilings, electrical fittings, and computer equipment. It said that “action was taken to both disable operations and expose Elbit’s business of bloodshed” and that the premises were also sprayed in blood-red paint and slogans of ‘Free Palestine’ and ‘Shut Elbit Down’ were scrawled over the walls.

The statement said: “We aim to permanently disrupt the Britsh-Israeli weapons trade by halting Elbit’s production of weapons on British shores.

“Our mission to #ShutElbitDown will continue. We intend to target every Elbit location and every complicit company across Britain. As the ongoing Nakba continues, so do our efforts to dismantle Britain’s role in supporting Israeli apartheid.”