Days of Palestine

Tuesday, June 6

Human Rights Organization: Unknown destiny awaits thousands of Palestinians after closing Rafah crossing

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine – Gaza

The Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council said that the closure of the Rafah crossing for the third consecutive day puts the fate of thousands of Palestinians in the unknown.

The Council explained, in a statement, that many residents of the Gaza Strip are facing real problems after the crossing was closed, especially since thousands of expatriates working abroad and students studying in universities outside the Palestinian territories returned to visit Gaza through the same crossing.

They pointed out that some families may be scattered by the loss of some of their members’ foreign residencies, which will disperse the reunification of the same family, in addition to patients who are referred for treatment in hospitals outside the Gaza Strip.

The statement said: The sudden closure of the Rafah crossing left hundreds stranded on the Egyptian side in extremely harsh conditions. Some of them lack the funds necessary for emergency and unexpected accommodation.

Restrictions on freedom of movement prevent Palestinians from enjoying broad forms of other human rights.

The Council’s statement called on the international community to take urgent and effective action to end the siege of Gaza. Until this is achieved, the international community is obligated to pressure the occupation authorities to enable the residents of the Gaza Strip to leave and return to it whenever they want.

The Council appealed to the Egyptian authorities to secure the arrival and departure of those stranded on both sides of the border, especially since the decision to close the Rafah crossing was surprising.

This closure of the crossing is the first of its kind in months outside of official holidays, knowing that the Rafah crossing is the only crossing from Gaza to the outside world.
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