Days of Palestine

Sunday, March 26

Israeli forces arrest 17 Palestinians from the West Bank

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine – Ramallah

Today, Monday, the Israeli occupation forces launched a massive arrest campaign against 17 citizens of the West Bank.

In Jerusalem, the Israeli occupation forces arrested seven citizens, they are Abdullah Al-Hashlamoun, Abdul Rahman Abu Asab, Adam Subab Laban, Muhammad Abu Asab, Riyad Al-Ghazawi from Al-Qarmi neighborhood in the Old City, Muhammad Yunus Abdul Raziq Siam from Al-Thawri neighborhood, who is an ex-prisoner, and Mahdi Salameh from Shuafat camp.

From Hebron, the Israeli occupation forces arrested four citizens who identified as Fahd Hani al-Zaatari, an academic assistant at Al-Quds Open University, Jawad Ayoub Abu Sobeih (48 years), his son, a university student, Tariq (26 years), and Muayyad Sami al-Sharbi, from Al-Aroub refugee camp.

From Ramallah, the Israeli occupation forces arrested four young men, and they are the two freed prisoners, Rami Fadayel from Al-Tira neighborhood in Ramallah, and Ashraf Abu Aram from Birzeit town, in addition to the two young men, Majd Al-Ramahi, and Atta Sharakah from Al-Jalazun camp, northeast of Ramallah.

From Bethlehem, the Israeli occupation forces arrested two wounded boys from the town of Al-Khader: Khaled Muhammad Ghoneim (17 years old) and Muhammad Rami Salah (16 years old).

An estimated 4,500 Palestinians are believed to be held in Israeli prisons, including 41 women, 140 minors, and 440 administrative detainees, according to data compiled by organizations on the rights of prisoners.