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Thursday, March 23

Al-Shati massacre: Israel bombs house, killing 2 women and 8 children

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Days of Palestine – Gaza

Israeli occupation forces committed a new massacre, at dawn today, Saturday, after they bombed a populated house in the Al-Shati Palestinian refugee camp, west of the Gaza City.

Our correspondent said that an Israeli warplane raided suddenly, without prior notice, the house of the Abu Hatab family, in Al-Shati refugee camp, destroying the house on the heads of its residents.

He added that ambulance crews recovered the bodies of 10 martyrs, and 20 wounded, who were taken to the Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza.

According to medical sources, our correspondent said that the martyrs are 2 women and 8 children, while there is talk of missing people under the rubble.

Since April 13, the situation in the Palestinian territories has exploded as a result of brutal attacks committed by the Israeli police and settlers in Jerusalem, the Al-Aqsa Mosque and its environs, and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, following Israeli efforts to seize 12 homes from Palestinian families and hand them over to settlers.

According to the latest official toll from the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, the continuous Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip since Monday has resulted in the death of 128 Palestinians, including 33 children and 20 women, and the wounding of 950 injuries.