Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Israel forces a Palestinian to demolish his own home in Jabal Al-Mukaber, Jerusalem

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem

The occupation municipality in Jerusalem forced the citizen Amjad Muslim Jaabis, a resident of Jabal Mukaber in the Bashir neighborhood / American Street, to demolish his house, under the pretext of not being licensed.

The occupation authorities had given the citizen Jaabis five days to demolish his house, or he will pay an exorbitant amount of money.

Unable to afford the unreasonably high fees, Jaabis decided to demolish his house by himself.

Many Palestinian families like Jaabis, are forced to demolish their homes to avoid the high costs of fighting the decision at court or even paying the municipality‘s crew fees.

The village of Jabal Al-Mukaber is located on the highest hill to the southeast of occupied Jerusalem. It is bordered on the east by the villages of Abu Dis and as-Sawahira ash-Sharqiya, to the north by Silwan and the Old City, to the west by Al-Thawri and Sur Baher, and the south by Sheikh Saad and Sur Baher, with an area of 5021 dunums.
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The town, from time to time, is subjected to notifications to stop construction and demolition by the Israeli authorities, to restrict and displace the Jerusalemites.